Sunday, 2 November 2008

Benny the Ferocious


Jes said...

Hi Christine,
What a cute dog Benny is!! I enjoyed viewing your creation - I am sure it was a lot of fun to do this together with your husband.
Your blog post has a lot of great examples that demonstrate how voicethreads can be used in the classroom.
I am really excited about this new tool, and it's probably a good thing Joanne waited so long to introduce us to it, otherwise I might not have so readily explored the other tools out there.

Selena Jensen said...

Hi Christine,

What a great collection of voicethreads and their applications! I will definitely be passing some of these along to my colleagues.

Valorie said...

I'm just a browser, not an educator. And so okay, at first, I thought this was silly and slow, but okay, okay, I admit, I confess, I was laughing. I did laugh. So it was a success. The intellectual part of the brain, is saying, oh, t-h-i-s is slow and silly, but the body is busy laughing. Congrats.